What is mosquito treatment

What is Mosquito Treatment?

How to Deal with Mosquitos in Your Yard

When it comes to killing and repelling mosquitoes, there are all sorts of alleged solutions. Some work better than others. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular approaches to mosquito treatment.


Larvicides are used to control mosquito larvae. These are chemicals specifically designed for application to water that combats larvae from breaching one’s yard, golf course or other space.


Adulticides are used to control fully grown mosquitoes. They are used for fogging and spraying across yards and other spaces where mosquito prevention is a must. Adulticides are quite effective in controlling adult mosquito populations and also to thwart an outbreak of disease stemming from mosquitoes. If a property is plagued by a massive infestation of mosquitoes, the application of adulticides will likely prove effective.

This solution is applied by air when emitted by an aircraft or on the ground level through sprayers mounted to trucks. These sprays are applied as ULVs. This is an acronym that stands for ultra-low volume. ULV sprayers send tiny aerosol droplets that hang in the air long enough to kill mosquitoes that fly through the designated area. These mosquitoes are killed upon contact. It does not take a significant amount of pesticide for an effective ULV application. In general, about three ounces are required of the pesticide’s active ingredient for each acre to be treated. This limited amount reduces the odds of exposure to people, pets, and the sensitive environment.


Synergists do not kill mosquitoes alone. They must be combined with adulticides for an effective mosquito killing solution.


This is an insecticide that has been in use in the United States since the 60s. It controls grown mosquitoes. Naled is also applied to food and greenhouse food crops. It is commonly dispersed in an aerial manner through the aforementioned ULV spray. Sprayers are connected to airplanes or helicopters to send the aerosol droplets containing insecticide and water into the air below. A mere one to two tablespoons of naled is necessary for each acre.


This is an organophosphate style of insecticide originally registered for use in the US back in 1956. It is commonly used by home gardeners to protect vegetables, ornamentals and fruit trees. Malathion controls mosquitoes as well as fruit flies, leafhoppers, aphids, Japanese beetles and other insects.

However, all of these chemicals are man-made. Each has various health risks for humans or pets; for example, pyrethrins will kill koi fish and various non-target pests, and Permethrins kill cats!

Mosquito Magician for Mosquito Control

Mosquito Magician has developed a proven mosquito treatment that is perfectly safe for your loved ones, your pets, and your yard. Mosquito Magician is made with all-natural ingredients. Each ingredient is classed as “minimum risk”, meaning this mosquito killer won’t compromise the integrity of the surrounding environment or threaten your well-being. There is absolutely no DEET or other chemicals in this mosquito treatment.

Mosquito Magician’s active ingredients are oils derived from plants. Referred to as essential oils, these mosquito killers have developed quite a reputation for returning insect-laden yards back to enjoyable spaces that are ideal for family get-togethers, pool parties, and barbecues. The oils are as follows: citronella, cedar, garlic, lemongrass, geraniol, and rosemary. They are combined with proprietary inert ingredients to make the oils’ properties that much more effective. They are applied through a fine spray for maximum exposure.

Mosquito Magician is a non-toxic repellent that has been subjected to considerable laboratory testing. It kills and repels mosquitoes with efficiency and proven effectiveness, a 98% kill rate to be precise. You can spray it on your lawn or garden without worrying about whether it will impact your kids or pets. This is the all-natural mosquito repellent your yard needs to return to a haven and provide you with a lovely place to socialize with family and friends.