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Whether your property is large or small, we can help you eliminate mosquitoes and other biting pests in a proven effective and environmentally friendly way.
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Does Your Facility Have An Irrigation System?

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If so then we can supply our patented system that works through your irrigation system to distribute our natural concentrates around the property. Many resorts in the Caribbean use these systems currently with excellent results. These run in the night when guests are asleep so there is no disruption to their stay.

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No, We Don’t

We can supply electric, gas powered, or even backpack-type spray equipment to apply our natural Mosquito Magician concentrate easily around your commercial property. It also will work with any pre-existing mosquito misting system you may already have.

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Simple & Safe Pest Control for Hotels & Resorts

Sprinkler Magician has automated systems that can help you eliminate these horrible pests that threaten the happy stay of your guests.

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Natural Mosquito Magician Concentrate

All our systems use our award-winning Mosquito Magician concentrate simply because it’s the best product available to eliminate mosquitoes. On top of that it uses 100% natural active ingredients so it’s completely safe for your guests and staff. And also, your property will remain environmentally friendly for certification purposes.

Mosquito Magician uses 6 pure essential oils and is laboratory tested to kill at least 98% of mosquitoes it contacts.

Give your guests the happy, pest-free stay they deserve!

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