HOTELS & RESORTS: Eliminate Mosquitos from your Resort!

Find out how our automated systems can provide you with reliable and effective natural Mosquito and biting pest elimination.

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Let’s start with a question:

Does Your Resort Use An Irrigation System?

If so then we can supply our patented system that works through your irrigation system to distribute our natural concentrates around the property. Many resorts in the Caribbean use these systems currently with excellent results. These run in the night when guests are asleep so there is no disruption to their stay.

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We can supply electric, gas powered, or even backpack-type spray equipment to apply our natural Mosquito Magician concentrate easily around your commercial property. It also will work with any pre-existing mosquito misting system you may already have.

Get Started!

Solve your mosquito problem with Sprinkler Magician

The Sprinkler Magician System empowers the sprinklers to become a perfect solution for lawn care and pest control in one simple, reliable, no-hassle device. It automatically treats the entire property with a range of non-toxic products delivering them through any new or existing sprinkler system.

Have it get rid of nasty mosquitos and other biting pests by applying the well proven Mosquito Magician concentrate. Other available products fertilize grass and gardens, repel deer and other nuisance animals, and even apply organic soil remediation products. All consumable products used are naturally derived and laboratory tested. They are safe for people, pets, and the environment. Sprinkler Magician gives precise treatments through the sprinklers by using advanced, yet simple to use software.

We’ve helped some of the leaders in the Caribbean resort industry. They all had serious mosquito issues until Sprinkler Magician worked with them. We outfitted some of them with fully automated mosquito control systems that treated their entire properties. Other resorts perform manual treatment programs using our Mosquito Magician concentrates. After a very comprehensive test phase, they are all very satisfied with the results. They are now continually using our systems and products, and continue to expand their use to more resorts in their chains.

Simple & Safe Pest Control for Hotels & Resorts

Sprinkler Magician has automated systems that can help you eliminate these horrible pests that threaten the happy stay of your guests.




Fire Ants


Benefits of Having a Smart Yard™

No Manual Labor

Once Sprinkler Magician is installed just set the desired application schedule and it runs automatically.

No Areas Missed

Sprinkler Magician automatically applies to every area your sprinkler system covers.

No Maintenance

Sprinkler Magician requires no maintenance other than filling the reservoir once in a while.

No Harsh or Harmful Chemicals

We only supply naturally derived products for use with the system. For example, our Mosquito Magician formula uses 6 essential Oils to kill and repel pesky bugs.

Convenient Application Times

Sprinkler Magician utilizes the sprinkler system and can run during the night for just a couple of minutes per zone.

Eliminates Human Error in Mixing

Sprinkler Magician applies the exact required amount every time it runs. No more skipped or half-done treatments.

Natural Mosquito Control

Proudly offer products that contain 6 natural active ingredients.

Safe for kids and pets

No harm to people or pets when used as directed. Our concentrate contains a safe mixture of 6 natural essential oil active ingredients.

Manually Applied Solutions

While we outfitted some Resorts with fully automated mosquito control systems that treated their entire properties, others wanted to perform manual treatment programs using our Mosquito Magician concentrates and application equipment.

Give your guests the happy, pest-free stay they deserve!

All manual and automated systems use our award-winning Mosquito Magician concentrate simply because it’s the best product available to eliminate mosquitoes. On top of that it uses 100% natural active ingredients so it’s completely safe for your guests and staff.

Mosquito Magician uses 6 pure essential oils and is laboratory tested to kill 100% of mosquitos within 24 hours.

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“After running it once or twice a week, we are bug free! No one is getting bit. We are able to hang out outside comfortably and have cookouts with friends, mosquito free. It’s made our outside space so much more enjoyable!”

Kelly L.


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