Disrupting the 3-stages of the mosquito lifecycle

October 27, 2020

With 3-cycles in the mosquito lifecycle, only Mosquito Magician has the ability to tackle these pesky bugs at all three stages. And, by using 100% toxic free ingredients you can treat your yard, flower beds, shrubs and any other mosquito hiding places confident that no harm will come your your family, pets or wildlife more

Layton man recovers from West Nile as mosquitoes swarm Davis County

October 4, 2020

Utah may be cooler but the mosquitoes continue to cause problems for the familes and pets of this mountain state. Spray Mosquito Magician around your entire property to protect yourself from West Nile. Click Here to watch video.

West Nile virus found in people in 2 Florida counties, prompting health advisory to take precautions against mosquitoes

September 30, 2020

Remember that living when in tropical climates, mosquito season is much longer than in the north. Keep using Mosquito Magician well into November to protect your home, family, and pets.

Mosquito Magician Safe

September 28, 2020

After years of working in the lab to create the perfect mosquito control formula we are thrilled that our nontoxic concentrate is safe for kids, pets, and nature yet is still 98% effective. Click Here to watch video.

Five new Shelby County zip codes have West Nile carrying mosquitoes

September 22, 2020

A new outbreak of mosquito born West Nile in Arkansas. Keep your family and pets safe with Mosquito Magician. Our nontoxic formula in 98% effective on mosquitoes and other biting bugs. Click Here to read article.

End of Summer Sale – Central States

September 21, 2020

For homeowners, retailers and suppliers in the Northern States we have a once-a-year end of summer sale that can’t be beat. Kick your mosquito elimination into high gear with our nontoxic Mosquito Magician concentrate. Click Here to see video for details. State included in this sale include: Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, more

What is EPA 25B?

September 20, 2020

It’s a strict set of compliance guidelines from the EPA. Why is this important? We have to be safe for mammals, fish, birds and pollination insects. But with a 98% elimination rate we help rid you of mosquitoes and other biting bugs. Click Here to watch video.

Thick swarms of mosquitoes are killing livestock in Louisiana after Hurricane Laura

September 20, 2020

Mosquitoes can hurt large populations of wild and domesticated animals. Pet safety should be a “must do” when it comes to mosquito control for your home. Mosquito Magician can protect your entire family including your furry friends. Click Here to read article.

Total Yard Maintenance Machine

September 12, 2020

Sprinkler Magician is so much more than a mosquito control and biting bug product. With the optional reservoir the machine can handle a wide variety of other yard tasks making it a total yard maintenance machine. Click Here to watch video.