Q: What is Sprinkler Magician?

Sprinkler Magician is both the name of our company as well as a breakthrough approach to pest control that takes your yard back from those pesky biting critters!

The Sprinkler Magician system delivers our natural Mosquito Magician concentrate automatically throughout your entire property. It does this by using your existing sprinkler system to accurately deliver the concentrate around your yard.

It very effectively kills and repels biting insects in residential and commercial properties, creating an environment around your property that is extremely unfriendly towards targeted pests. The system handles mosquitoes and many other pests where they hide, in plants and lawns – using our potent natural Mosquito Magician concentrate that has 6 active ingredients.

See more FAQ’s lower down for more information on Sprinkler Magician systems.

Q: What if I Don’t Have an Irrigation System but Want to Get Rid of Mosquitoes?

There are three options:

  1. You can consider installing an irrigation system and at the same time install the Sprinkler Magician system as part of it. That way you will have a healthy yard and garden, that you can enjoy without mosquitoes and other nasty bugs driving you indoors!
  2. You can purchase our Mosquito Magician concentrate and use your own pump-up or backpack sprayer. Visit our products page to choose the concentrate size that is right for you.
  3. You can purchase one of our range of Mosquito Magician mosquito killer combo packs. Visit our products page to choose the combo product that is right for your yard.

Q: What Maintenance Does the Sprinkler Magician Machine Need?

The Sprinkler Magician machine is ruggedly built in the US and is designed to operate with no regular maintenance as long as our Mosquito Magician concentrates are used.

It is designed to last 10+ years. Periodically check that your sprinkler system is working correctly as the Sprinkler Magician machine runs through it to deliver the concentrate.

In areas where it freezes the system should be winterized at the same time as the sprinkler system. The Homeowners manual shows how to do this.

Q: Where Is the Sprinkler Magician Machine Made?

The machine is proudly built in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, USA.

Q: Is There a Warranty on the Sprinkler Magician Machine?

Yes, the Sprinkler Magician machine is fully covered by a 1-year warranty as long as only Mosquito Magician concentrates are used.

Using concentrates other than Mosquito Magician products voids all warranties.

Q: What Is the Concentrates Mixture Ratio?

For the best results, mix 4-6oz of Mosquito Magician concentrate into every gallon of water.

Q: How Much Area Can a Gallon of Ready-To-Use Treat?

One Gallon of Ready to Use treats up to 4,000 square feet.

Q: How Much Area Can a Single Gallon of Concentrate Treat?

Q: Is the Product Safe Around Bees, Pets, and People?

Yes, it is 100% safe for bees, butterflies, pets and people.

Q: I Would Like More Information Regarding Becoming a Reseller

For more information on recoming a Sprinkler Magician reseller, visit our reseller information page.

Q: Can You Provide Your Safety Data Sheets and or Lab Results?

Yes, and you can find our lab results here!

Q: How Much Does a Stainless-Steel Automated Machine Cost?

Our single reservoir stainless steel machine costs $1,956.95 and our dual reservoir stainless steel machine costs $2,162.95.

Q: Does the Product Work on Flies?

Yes, it will kill flies if sprayed on them. However, it will not repel flies from your yard like it does for mosquitos, fleas, ticks and fire ants though.

Q: Does the Product Work on Gnats?

Yes, it will kill gnats/no-see-ums if sprayed on them. However, unlike mosquitos, these bugs tend to not live in your yard. So to kill them you will need to spray when they are actually present in your yard.

Q: Does the Concentrate Work Well With Small Cold Foggers?

We do not sell small cold foggers and have not done any tests with these devices. But we have had many reports from customers that say it works well when used through devices like these.

Q: What is the Cost?

There are mosquito solutions for all property sizes and budgets.

We have a range of products from $23 bottles of Mosquito Magician concentrate all the way up to our flagship Sprinkler Magician machines that retail for $2,000 and up.

Q: I saw a cheaper version of your product made by someone else — why shouldn’t I just get theirs?

There is nothing on the market comparable to the Sprinkler Magician system – we know because we have an issued US Patent protecting the technology we developed (Patent #8,434,697)

Cheaper competitor products just inject their pesticide every time the sprinkler system is running. They cannot control the dilution rates so usually, the concentrate is hopelessly over-diluted. It gets washed off the plants and onto the ground where it does no good and is largely wasted. Also, these products can only ever run when the sprinkler system runs, as opposed to the Sprinkler Magician system which can run anytime you want to send the bugs packing.

Q: How does Sprinkler Magician compare to other products on the market?

The Sprinkler Magician machine is the only automated system that works with your existing sprinkler system to handle mosquitoes and other nuisance insects. Unlike bug zappers and propane type machines, our system doesn’t lure mosquitoes into your yard in the hope of killing them; we turn your whole yard into an environment that is extremely unfriendly towards targeted pests. 

There are mosquito misting systems available that also do this, but they involve running pipes all around your yard and as a result are very expensive – often $3,000 – $8,000. They typically use pyrethrin neurotoxin chemicals. Also, misting systems cannot treat grassy areas and therefore cannot control fleas and ticks, which the Sprinkler Magician system can and does.

The bottom line is that there is no system that can treat your whole property like the Sprinkler Magician system.

Q: How does Sprinkler Magician work?

The patented Sprinkler Magician system automatically controls your sprinkler (also called irrigation) system, allowing it to distribute the natural Mosquito Magician pesticide concentrate to all lawns and gardens. The system completely automatically cycles through each sprinkler zone, until all areas have been treated.

A high pressure pump accurately injects the concentrate into the stream of water so that it spreads evenly on all plants and lawns. The machine is computer controlled so the exact correct amount of concentrate is applied to all areas of your property. It is ruggedly made and built to last 10+ years. 

Its made in the US and available in Stainless Steel or Powder Coated cabinets. Some models for the machines have an extra reservoir and are able to automatically fertilize your whole property as well.

See more FAQ’s lower down for more information on Sprinkler Magician systems.

Q: What is Mosquito Magician?

Mosquito Magician concentrate is a powerful blend composed of a precise combination of 6 different active ingredients – all of them essential oils – Cedar, Citronella, Lemon Grass, Garlic, Geraniol & Rosemary. These essential oils have been used individually for thousands of years by people all around the world for biting pest control, but we have made a precision blend containing the 6 best we found.

After extensive laboratory testing on actual mosquiotes, we have test results showing we can kill at least 98% of mosquitoes as well as repel new ones for up to 2 weeks – and this is from just one treatment! Mosquito Magician concentrate can be applied in the following ways:

  • Using our Sprinkler Magician machine to automatically treat your whole property.
  • Using any common spray equipment like pump-up sprayers, backpack sprayers, hose end sprayers as well as gas-powered backpack foggers for larger properties. We offer all these products on this website but you can use your own sprayers of course.
  • If you have an existing mosquito misting system you can use our Mosquito Magician concentrate in it for an effective and natural alternative to toxic pyrethrins and permethrins that competitors usually offer.

Q: What insects and pests does Mosquito Magician concentrate handle?

Mosquito Magician is laboratory tested to kill at least 98% of Mosquitoes and provide up to 2 weeks repellency.

However, we have years of anecdotal evidence from customers saying it also does a great job on Fleas, Ticks, Fire Ants, lawn grubs, no-see-ums, and many other nuisance insects.

Q: Is Mosquito Magician 100% safe?

Yes, as long as it’s used as directed of course. Because we use natural ingredients, it’s safe for adults, children, pets, Koi fish and the environment including waterways. All ingredients are classed as “Minimum Risk” and are EPA exempt due to this. The active ingredients in the Mosquito Magician concentrate are all oils from plants known as essential oils, and all are well known for their insects killing and repelling properties.

We use Cedar, Citronella, Lemon Grass, Garlic, Geraniol & Rosemary oils as we have found these are the best individually and together give best-in-class results as confirmed by our laboratory test results.

Q: How long does Mosquito Magician last after it treats my property?

Mosquito Magician concentrate is laboratory proven to repel mosquitoes for up to 2 weeks from just one treatment. However, we all hate mosquitoes so for optimum results treating more often is usually best. How often will depend on the number of mosquitoes in your area, as well as the amount of rainfall and other environmental factors. For most areas treating once a week is a good rule of thumb.

Q: How effective is Mosquito Magician concentrate?

After extensive laboratory testing on actual mosquitoes, we have test results showing Mosquito Magician kills at least 98% of mosquitoes as well as repel new ones for up to 2 weeks – and this is from just one treatment!

Now you can have a product that is natural and safe for you to use but is also extremely effective! Our goal is to help people enjoy their yard and keep annoying and dangerous mosquitoes away!

Q: Can I spray Mosquito Magician on my body?

No, while it is completely non-toxic, the Mosquito Magician concentrate is not designed to be sprayed on people or pets. We will be offering a body repellent in the spring of 2019 using natural oils!

Q: What does Mosquito Magician smell like?

Many customers say Mosquito Magician smells just like Italian salad dressing! They say it’s pleasant but sometimes makes them feel like making a salad!

The pleasant smell dissipated after about 15-20 minutes after spraying. Once dried on plants the smell is unnoticeable to humans but still deadly to mosquitoes.

Q: What about bees and butterflies?

Our many customers tell us that they continue to see healthy bees and butterflies in their yards when using our Mosquito Magician products.

Q: Will Mosquito Magician burn my plants or stain anything?

Both ourselves and many thousands of customers have been using Mosquito Magician for over 7 years now and we have not encountered or heard of any adverse effects.

But as usual, please always read and follow the instructions on the bottle.

Q: Is the Sprinkler Magician machine really 100% Automatic?

Yes, the Sprinkler Magician system is fully automatic and can be set to run preset schedules each week. All you have to do is fill the reservoir with Mosquito Magician concentrate and set the schedule switch for how often you want to treat – that’s it!

The machine will come on and run each sprinkler zone while injecting the concentrate into the water stream. It stays on just long enough to flush the solution through the pipes so none gets wasted. It then repeats this for all zones in the property, and within 3-5 minutes the whole property is treated and the bugs are gone!

Q: How do I install Sprinkler Magician?

The Sprinkler Magician system attached to your existing in-ground sprinkler systems and can be installed into any new or existing sprinkler system in a few hours, by a professional or proficient handyman. A full step by step installation manual and all required parts are provided with each machine.

We also provide quality phone and/or email support as needed at no cost. We want you to have a great experience installing your new Sprinkler Magician machine!

Q: Do you have any upgrades for the Sprinkler Magician machine?

Yes, we have the following upgrades available:

  • An optional wireless remote for the Sprinkler Magician machine allows you to initiate a pest treatment cycle at the touch of a button, from anywhere on your property.
  • An expansion card that allows the Sprinkler Magician machine to connect to 24 sprinkler zones instead of the usual 12 zones.
  • We offer an upgrade to the Dual Reservoir Sprinkler Magician machine that allows it to deliver Deer Repellent instead of fertilizer from the second reservoir (It will still deliver Mosquito Magician concentrate from the first reservoir)
  • We offer a Stainless Steel cabinet upgrade for all Sprinkler Magician machines. This is highly recommended for any coastal areas.
  • In the summer of 2019, we will be offering web connectivity for all Digital Sprinkler Magician machines. This will allow access to the machine from anywhere in the world.

Q: Can the Sprinkler Magician machine also fertilize my garden?

Yes, we have an upgraded model of the Sprinkler Magician machine that can also apply liquid fertilizer to gardens and lawns. This gives complete coverage using 100% natural fertilizer through your sprinkler system. It has 2 reservoirs, one for Mosquito Magician concentrate, and the other for our organic Ocean Solution fertilizer.

Visit the Products Page to see the Automated Mosquito Killing and Fertilizing Machine.

Q: How Many Zones Does the Stainless-Steel Machine Cover?

It covers up to 12 zones but you can purchase an expansion card that provides another 12 zones so the machine will then connect to up to 24 zones.

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