Going green has never been this easy. Have a beautiful green, pest-free yard using products that safe for your family and pets when used as directed!

Imagine having a system that was able to treat your whole yard for anything you might need to apply. With Sprinkler Magician you can automatically get rid of mosquitoes and biting pests. How about fertilizing the whole property – easy!

In fact, it can do all this;

  • Natural Pest Control
  • Natural Deer Repellent
  • Organic Fertilizing
  • Water Conservation
  • Rust Stain Elimination
  • Various Other Natural Pest Repellents

Sprinkler Magician can automatically apply anything you currently hand apply to your yard. Think of the convenience and savings in time. Plus it never does a bad job or takes a day off!

Empowering Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler Magician is an entirely new approach to maintaining your garden and turf areas. We use your existing sprinkler system and empower it to apply a whole range of products to your property. That could mean anything from our award-winning natural Mosquito Magician concentrate for mosquitoes and other biting pests, to natural fertilizers and many, many more. Easily set the machine to treat all, or parts of your property, for example, fertilize the entire property and treat just your back yard or pool area for mosquitoes.

Change treatment times or areas any time you want in seconds. Mosquitoes by the pool? Run an extra treatment. Grass not green enough? Increase the fertilizer amount – its just too easy!

With Sprinkler Magician you become a property maintenance expert!

How the System Works

When a scheduled treatment occurs, the Sprinkler Magician machine (A) injects the liquid being applied into the mainline of the sprinklers (B). At the same time it turns on the first sprinkler valve (C) to deliver the treatment with the water through the sprinkler heads (D). It repeats this process for all remaining sprinkler zones that are selected for the treatment.

Advanced software ensures the treatment is delivered to the exact targeted areas, in the exact amounts needed for each area. Then the exact amount of water is used for correct dilution, and also to ensure it is delivered to the areas and not left in the sprinkler pipes.

This smart technology gives outstanding results over competitors “dumb” systems that inject whenever water is running.

Easy Installation

Installing the Sprinkler Magician system is easy, just:

  • Mount the Sprinkler Magician machine (A) near the sprinkler timer (B).
  • Plug the machine into the same 120-volt outlet that the timer uses.
  • Run the supplied electrical cable (C) to the timer and connect to the sprinkler zone connections inside (it works with ALL types of timers including web enabled ones).
  • Run the injection tube (D) to the sprinkler mainline through the supplied check-valve (E).
  • Prime the machine and configure the easy menu.
  • The whole process usually takes 2-4 hours.

Easy To Use

The machine has an exceptionally easy to use menu, you tell it a bit about your property like the size and number of sprinkler zones and from there it works out EXACTLY how much product to apply to each area. It treats on a preset schedule so it’s truly automatic. You can always run an extra treatment anytime you want at the touch of a button, or through the optional wireless remote.

Very large or unusually shaped properties can also be set up perfectly using the manual menu option.

Built to Last

The Sprinkler Magician machine is proudly made in the USA, right here in Tampa Bay, Florida. We use only the best quality components including 18-gauge stainless steel cabinet and a UL listed power supply. Our pumps are a proprietary design with no rubber parts – designed to last 10+ years. There are thousands of these machines operating around the US and other countries every day. We know you will have no problems with the machine, so we give it a bumper to bumper warranty.

Innovative Technology

Sprinkler Magician developed and patented a new technology that allows our system to take control of the sprinkler system and run it briefly to apply various products to your property. There are numerous advantages with this technology including:

  • We run the sprinkler zones on independent schedules as opposed to during the regular watering cycles as competitors do. It applies whatever product is being used at optimum intervals for best results and no wastage.
  • Certain parts of the property can be set to apply certain products like pesticides, while the whole property can be fertilized. Again, this avoids wastage.
  • The machine very accurately sets the dilution ratios for each product to ensure each one is delivered to the plants and turf areas with exactly the correct amount of water.

This is all adds up to vastly superior results, whether you are fertilizing, killing mosquitoes, repelling deer, or applying various other solutions.

Models of Machines

Standard Single or Dual Reservoir Machine

This is the machine that fits almost all residential applications to small commercial. It has the capacity to connect to 12 or 24 sprinkler zones.

Commercial Model Machine

This model is used on 2 wire type sprinkler system or where you have more than 24 zones to treat. This model does not connect to the sprinkler valves, but instead is synchronized to run with a “B” schedule on the sprinkler timer. Capable of up to 100 zones.

New Commercial Model Machine

We have just developed a new model for very large commercial properties. It is a “Single Point Machine” and therefore just one machine is able to treat a whole mid-size hotel complex or resort. It works with the flow sensor and advanced software to apply concentrate during the regular watering cycle throughout the whole property. Installation is simple with the Flow Sensor and Injection Point being located together right into the main line as shown in the diagram. Unlimited zones can be treated.