Dual Reservoir Upgrade

The machine comes with one reservoir, but you can easily add a second one to apply multiple products to your property. For example, apply Mosquito Magician concentrate in the first reservoir and fertilizer with the second. Add a wetting agent with the fertilizer to reduce the amount of watering your plants will need. You can apply a natural fragrance like Jasmin or Lavender, it’s that easy with Sprinkler Magician

It installs in less than 15 minutes and all required parts are supplied with the kit.

Dual Reservoir Upgrade for Deer Repellents

This is similar to the Dual Reservoir upgrade kit, but this model is specifically for applying Deer Repellent. This model include an agitator system that stir the Deer Repellent as it will settle if not mixed. The software also changes to apply the correct amount of Deer Repellent for the property size.

It installs in less than 20 minutes and all required parts are supplied with the kit.

Wireless Remote Upgrade

Add a Wireless Remote kit and operate the machine from up to 2,000 feet away! A special high-power remote is used to allow you to operate the machine from pretty much anywhere on your property, even right from your living room. For example if you’re having a BBQ you can tap the button and run an extra mosquito treatment to be sure your BBQ is not spoiled by pesky bugs!

It installs in less than 10 minutes and all required parts are supplied with the kit.

Note: This remote is designed to operate an extra pesticide treatment, it does not control other functions like applying fertilizer.

24 Zone Upgrade

The standard Sprinkler Magician machine will connect to up to 12 sprinkler zones which is enough for all but the largest properties. If you have more than 12 zones, we supply this kit to double the number to 24 zones.

It installs in less than 10 minutes and all required parts are supplied with the kit.

Web Connect Upgrade

Program and control our machines easily from your phone! We are in the final stages of testing and preparing to release a web connection option for all models of our machines.

You will be able to change all parameters including treatment days and times. You will also be alerted of low levels of concentrate in either of the reservoirs.

This is a long-range system that does not rely on Wi-Fi. The reason is that the Sprinkler Magician machine is often mounted outside, far from the Wi-Fi router. To avoid Wi-Fi connection issues we use a long-range industrial wireless protocol to link the machine to a small hub that plugs into your router.

This provides for an ultra reliable web connection, in fact the machine can be 1,000 feet or more from your router, 10 times further than even the best Wi-Fi technology.

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