Enjoy your Yard While Protecting Your Entire Family!

Only the Sprinkler Magician Total Yard Maintenance System can automatically treat your entire yard with a range of non-toxic products using your existing sprinkler system. Rid yourself of those nasty biting pests while also fertilizing your lawn and garden, applying deer and rodent repellents and even applying organic fragrances. Enter your email and find more about what we can do for you!
Find out more about how you can have an automated yard care system that handles all your pesky bugs as well as fertilizing your yard and many other things!
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Automated Property Treatment Systems

Welcome to Sprinkler Magician, you are now a yard management expert!

How often does a whole new way of doing something come along? Well, Sprinkler Magician is just that – a fully automated system that takes care of your entire yard, from killing pesky insects like mosquitoes, fleas, ticks & fire ants to fertilizing the whole property, applying deer repellents, saving on water usage, and even applying fragrances. And much more…

Sprinkler Magician gives precise application through your existing sprinkler system by using advanced software, you can even run it all right from you phone

And all this is done using naturally derived products with laboratory tested results.

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Mosquito, Flea, Tick & Fire-Ant Elimination

We have done independent laboratory testing and Mosquito Magician concentrate will kill at least 98% of mosquitoes and will then repel new ones for 1-2 weeks.

The Sprinkler Magician system can apply a whole range of concentrates, but many customers first goal is to eliminate mosquitoes and other biting pests. The Mosquito Magician concentrate is the product of choice for this, and we specially developed it to run through the Sprinkler Magician machine. It is extremely potent and used by thousands of families every day to kill and repel mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, fire-ants, and many other biting pests.

Best part is its also 100% safe for kids, pets and the environment.

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Fertilizing Your Property

Sprinkler Magician can give you that lush green turf and healthy garden without the laborious and costly process of manually fertilizing each month.
The Dual Reservoir model can not only treat for mosquitos but also apply any of our natural liquid fertilizers. It does this very accurately and you can even select which zones get fertilized and how much to apply to each if you want to really get technical. If not, choose the preset menu option and the machine will work it all out for you!


Soil Remediation

Water Conservation

Water is becoming an increasingly scarce resource. It is either not available in the quantities you need for irrigating your plants and turf, or it’s become so expensive that you don’t want to irrigate often. Either way wouldn’t it be good if your plants just needed less water?

The Sprinkler Magician machine can apply products called “wetting agents” that help the plants hold onto water and can save 20% + on water consumption.

The same product is also a “sticker spreader” which helps other treatments like our pesticide and fertilizer adhere to the plants. This means you can reduce the quantity of these as well.

3 Days Without Water

4 Days Without Water

4 Hours After Watering

Automated Deer Repellent

Deer are a real problem in many areas. Having your garden constantly eaten is bad enough, but they also carry ticks that in some areas have Lyme disease.

Some deer Repellents work well but have a very strong odor and can be cumbersome to apply.

Let the Sprinkler Magician machine do it for you!

Sprinkler Magician make a model of the machine specially for applying Deer Repellents. The software knows exactly how much to apply to keep those pesky Deer away. And it gently stirs the concentrate to keep it correctly mixed up.

You can even treat for some areas only rather than wasting the concentrate by treating parts of your yards the Deer can't get to, or don’t like eating.

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There are a whole range of accessories for the Sprinkler Magician system. They are shown below. Follow the link below for full details on each.

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