The Ultimate Smart Yard System for Your Homes

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Increase the Value of the Homes You Build

The Sprinkler Magician Smart Yard System is a fantastic device that can be added right into the irrigation system. Using a non-toxic solution, this system effectively eliminates biting insects from any lawn. It's the perfect solution for lawn care and pest control in one simple, no-hassle device.

Not only is it perfectly safe for animals, pets, and local wildlife, it's backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! It's the win-win that will help the homes you've built stand out from the crowd and add value to your would-be buyers.

Only the Sprinkler Magician Smart Yard System can automatically treat your entire yard with a range of non-toxic products using your existing sprinkler system. Rid yourself of those nasty biting pests while also fertilizing your lawn and garden, applying deer and even applying organic soil remediation solutions. Enter your email and find more about what we can do for you!

Learn more about our homebuilder discounts and download our FREE product cut sheet!

Benefits of Sprinkler Magician

No Manual Labor

Once Sprinkler Magician is installed just set the desired application schedule and it runs automatically.

No Areas Missed

Our systems will automatically apply to every area your sprinkler system covers.

No Maintenance

Sprinkler Magician requires no maintenance other than filling the reservoir once in a while.

No Harsh or Harmful Chemicals

Mosquito Magician qualifies as a Class 25 B product with the Environmental Protection Agency. These are nontoxic mixes containing only natural components.

Convenient Application Times

Sprinkler Magician utilizes the sprinkler system and can run during the night for just a couple of minutes per zone.

Eliminates Human Error in Mixing

Sprinkler Magician is set up to apply the exact required amount every time it runs.

All Natural Mosquito Control

Keep your Green Certificate by using a nontoxic all natural product.

Environmentally Friendly

No harm to people, pets, butterflies, birds, fish, or the environment. Our concentrates contain no pyrethrins, just a 100% natural and safe mixture of plant oils and emulsifiers.




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Learn more about our homebuilder discounts and download our FREE product cut sheet!

“After running it once or twice a week, we are bug free! No one is getting bit. We are able to hang out outside comfortably and have cookouts with friends, mosquito free. It’s made our outside space so much more enjoyable!”

Kelly L.