Sprinkler system spraying grass with palm trees and a resort in the background.

3 Tips to Get Rid of Mosquitoes for Hotels and Resorts

If your hotel or resort has a mosquito problem, you should handle it immediately. The last thing you want is for your guests to be overwhelmed with mosquitoes on their getaway. In most cases, they are there to relax, not be in a constant war with those pesky bloodsuckers.

Here are three tips to get rid of mosquitoes for hotels and resorts.

How to Keep Mosquitoes Away From Hotels and Resorts

  1. Make Sure There Is No Standing Water

Most of the time, mosquitoes will lay their eggs directly in water

It’s common for hotels and resorts to have sprinkler systems. As a result, there are often places where water pools up in low-lying areas of the ground.

Also, if your hotel or resort has water features, make sure they are working properly so the water doesn’t stagnate. If adding movement is not an option, you will need to treat the water with one of the following additives:

  • Larvicide
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Dish Soap
  • Olive Oil

  1. Add Mosquito-Repelling Plants to Your Landscaping

Plants that repel mosquitoes are only effective within a couple of feet, but including them in your landscaping can noticeably reduce existing mosquito populations.

While most plants provide mosquitoes with nutrients, some keep them away. Some of the best-looking plants that repel mosquitoes include lavender, marigolds, bee balm, and lemongrass. Incorporating plants that naturally repel mosquitoes in your hotel or resort’s landscaping will prevent them from wanting to seek asylum there.

  1. Incorporate Sprinkler Magician in Your Irrigation System

Sprinkler Magician is a one-of-a-kind system that integrates into your property’s existing plumbing. It is fully automated and lets you control how much of our all-natural mosquito repellent you want to spread onto your grass and landscaping.

Our dual-reservoir system even lets you spread a secondary solution onto the grass for twice the benefit. So, you can repel mosquitoes from your hotel or resort while fertilizing the grass, repelling deer and rabbits, and more!

Get Rid of Mosquitoes at Your Hotel or Resort With Sprinkler Magician

Keep mosquitoes away from your hotel or resort 24/7/365 with Sprinkler Magician. It seamlessly integrates into your existing irrigation system and eliminates the need to hire a company to come and spray.