How Did Sprinkler Magician Start?

Sprinkler Magician started from necessity. Founder and CEO, Peter Olt and his family were tired of getting eaten up every mosquito season, so he decided to do something about it.

Peter tried several mosquito repellents that didn’t work well enough, so he decided to try to attract and kill them with a bug zapper. At the time, he didn’t realize that mosquitoes aren’t attracted to UV light like many other insects, so this didn’t solve his problem either. 

That’s when he decided to do extensive research and get his hands dirty by creating something to protect himself and his family. 

In 2011, Peter thought to himself, “We have a sprinkler system, why can’t we inject something through that?” And so, the wheels for what ended up becoming Sprinkler Magician started turning.

When Did Sprinkler Magician Start?

Peter decided to solve his mosquito problem in 2011. As a result of his unrelenting dedication to protecting himself and his family from dangerous mosquitoes and other insects, his fully-automated sprinkler system was granted a patent in 2012.

After he created the delivery system, he set out to develop a safe and effective insect repellent and the all-natural Mosquito Magician insect repellent was born. It uses six natural ingredients safe for children and pets, yet repels and kills mosquitoes, fire ants, fleas, and ticks. 

What Makes Sprinkler Magician Different?

  • Sprinkler Magician is a unique product that you can integrate into any new or existing sprinkler system. 
  • It’s a smart yard maintenance system, allowing you to set exactly how much concentration you want to use each time your sprinklers run.
  • Our systems come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. 
  • We’re invested in the future of yard care and our products let property owners control their yard’s maintenance system right from their smartphone! 

Try Sprinkler Magician

Our product is one of a kind and can help protect your family from the diseases that mosquitoes and other insects spread. We offer several formulas that work with Sprinkler Magician to give the most out of your sprinkler system. Check out our products or take our product quiz to see which one is right for you.