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As a Sprinkler Magician reseller, you will sell and install the systems, and then supply your clients with all the consumable products they need for their properties, but you won’t need to spend the labor to apply them. Your margins are generous on the systems and consumable products, so it’s a great business model to help generate recurring income.

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Learn more about integrating our system by calling (727) 216-6263 OR by using the "I'm Interested" button!

How It Works

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a Franchise?

No, we are not a franchise. We have a network of resellers around the country. We supply our resellers with products, training, support and marketing help, just like a franchise. We just don’t charge tens of thousands of dollars to get started!

How Long have you been in Business?

We started in 2011 so we are in our 9th year. We continue to grow each year and add to our reseller network across the US and internationally.

Where are you based?

We are located in beautiful Clearwater Florida. You are welcome to come and visit us for as tour of our facility anytime!

How long on average does it take to install the system?

A straightforward install takes around 2 hours. Worst case if you have to run the injection tubing across the yard it could stretch to 3-5 hours. See our installation page for full details.

How much product does the machine use?

For pest control — smaller properties use ½ - ⅔ gallon a month. Average properties use ⅔ - 1 gallon and larger properties use 1 - 1 ½ gallons a month. For fertilizers and other products, it depends on each products directions. Note: We have usage charts available to easily work out the exact monthly consumption of each product for a particular property size.

How often do you need to treat?

For pest control, most people run Sprinkler Magician twice a week in the summer, but this can be reduced to once a week in other seasons. For other concentrates it depends on what you are applying. The machine can easily be programmed to run any desired schedule.

Are there any back-flow requirements?

In many areas if the home uses lake, well, or reclaimed water to irrigate then usually the back-flow valve doesn’t need changing at all. However, if the property uses potable (drinking) water, then the back flow often needs to be replaced with a higher grade “RPZ” type. This adds about $170 to the installation costs. Back-flow requirements vary regionally so the information is given as a guide only, and you should always read and comply with local and federal plumbing codes.

What are the models of the Sprinkler Magician?

The single reservoir Sprinkler Magician is for pesticides only. Add a second reservoir kit to treat for fertilizers, fragrances, deer repellents, rust control or a variety of other options.

What is the Warranty?

All products have a 1-year full warranty

More Information

You probably have a lot of questions: How does it work? what else can it do? How easy is it to install? Is it proven to work well? Where is it made? Just check out these links; all your question and much more will be answered there. Please call or email us with any more questions or to get started as a Sprinkler Magician Reseller.

What Is Sprinkler Magician?

It’s not often there is a completely new way of doing something in the Landscaping and Irrigation industries.

Healthy landscapes need various chemicals applied to keep plants and turf healthy. Biting pests like mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and fire ants also need to be handled on most properties to allow the beautiful outdoors areas to be enjoyed.

Up to now there was only manually applying all these treatments. But imagine having a system that treats the whole property automatically for all these things and more - this is what the Sprinkler Magician system does.

Our innovative and patented machine injects a range of natural chemicals through the existing sprinkler system. No other system allows such control and versatility. Unlike older fertigation systems, the Sprinkler Magician is programed to deliver exact amounts of concentrates to specific zones. You control mixture rates, timing of application and frequency, and which zones get specific treatments all at the touch of a button. An optional second reservoir allows multiple concentrates to be dispensed from the same machine. This allows you to deliver all these concentrates to help keep the property perfect.

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