Young woman placing mosquito screen over a house window.

How to Keep Mosquitoes Out of Your Home

It’s bad enough having to fight off mosquitoes when you’re trying to enjoy the outdoors, but it’s worse if you’re not even safe from them in the sanctity of your own home.

Keeping mosquitoes out will minimize exposure to them and help better protect yourself and your family.

Tips to Keep Mosquitoes Out of Your Home

Mosquitoes aren’t only nuisances that cause itchy welts; they can also spread diseases to you and heartworms to your dogs.

Refrain From Keeping Doors and Windows Open

Leaving doors open is an open-invite for mosquitoes to come in to avoid the heat during the day and cold at night. Even with screens, they can find their way inside through small crevices and any existing tears or holes in your screens.

Maintain Screens in Doors and Windows

If you must open a door or window, ensure they have full screens that are intact and free from damage. While damaged screens can still offer a narrow line of defense from mosquitoes, if there is a way in, they will find it.

Repair or Fill Gaps Leading to Outside

Small, insect-size gaps are common around doors and windows, especially in older homes and apartments. When outside temperatures start becoming undesirable for mosquitoes, they will keep shelter wherever they can — don’t let it be in your house.

Depending on the size of the gap you need to fill, you can simply shove some paper or cardboard into it to prevent the vast majority of mosquitoes from entering your home.

Set Up Mosquito Traps

It’s nearly impossible to prevent all mosquitoes from entering your home, so you may want to take measures to keep them away from certain or kill them.

There are several mosquito traps on the market, but you can make them just as good or better with things you probably already have at home. Check out some of these DIY mosquito traps for use indoors.

If you’d rather save time and buy one, keep in mind that mosquitoes aren’t attracted to UV light. That said, avoid those, and look for ones that attract mosquitoes using scent instead.

Repel Mosquitoes Using Sprinkler Magician

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